The First Rule of Fit is: try them on. Go ahead! If you don’t like them, they come right off. We can suggest a couple of general principles and things to look for in a frame, but nothing beats trying them on. If it looks good and feels good, it is good.

The Second Rule is: We want to see your eyes! Our eyes are such an important means of expression. The best fit accentuates, not obscures, them.

Third rule: we’re here to help. InVision opticians like helping people with styling choices and they’re really good at it. That said, here are a few things to consider when you’re looking for a new pair of glasses:

Don’t worry too much about what you are wearing, or colors you usually wear. Think more about your own coloring in skin-tone, hair and eyes. If a frame goes with your coloring, it will go with your clothes.

Think of frame color in terms of contrast. Colors that contrast sharply with your coloring will stand out more and accentuate any strong design features in the shape of the frame. More blending colors will soften any frame’s impact, so, in blending colors, you can wear stronger shapes.

Look around the edges. Photographers learn to look around the edges of the viewfinder when they compose a photo. In the same way, it helps to look around the edges of a eyeglass frame, looking for potential points of conflict with facial features.

With sunglasses, make sure you are covering your eyes adequately or you could be leaving yourself vulnerable to UV rays and eyestrain when too much light bounces in the sides of your frame.

Size and Scale are not the same thing. You can wear a big frame, but if you have a little face, pick a frame that is scaled properly for your features. It’ll have the attitude and pop of a big frame, without making you like you are playing dress-up.