• Charlie, Dante and Deborah

    InVision’s Director of Operations, Deborah is based at our Galleria store.


    Big and fluffy on the outside, Dante’s a total lapdog on the inside!

  • Marisha and Pierre

    Optician Marisha works at our Grand Ave. location.


    The unofficial mascot, Pierre is in the store most Tuesdays and keeps everyone on a short leash!

  • Clint and Mojo

    Clint manages our Galleria store.


    If our photo shoot was any indicator, Mojo makes sure Clint works like a dog at home, too!

  • Hobbes, Tracy and Daisy (not pictured – Anthony)

    Based at our Galleria store, Tracy makes sure we all get paid!


    And no, we don’t know what you’re talking about – Anthony would never bring his four-legged “children” to Galleria!

  • Angelique and Roxie

    Angelique is an optician at our Galleria store.


    Photogenic Roxie was more interested in the photographer (and her squeaky toy) than the other dogs!

  • Elizabeth and Roscoe

    Elizabeth handles InVision’s marketing.


    Easily distracted, this is the only photo of Roscoe not pulling, barking or – SQUIRREL!