Not only do we look for companies who share some of our core values, including quality, value, fit and aesthetic integrity, we also choose to work with manufacturers who have a thoughtful, ethical and sustainable workflow.

1. Think Globally
Many of InVision’s designers – including Matsuda (Japan), Götti (Switzerland), Face à Face (France) and WOOW (Italy) – are based in countries with very strict environmental controls – usually more stringent than the United States. These manufacturers manage their water usage, energy consumption and pollution to reduce their effect on the environment.

Additionally, by working with designers in Europe and Japan, we know the frames we sell are manufactured by people who earn a living wage, have access to quality healthcare and family leave, and work in a factory that is clean, bright and, most importantly, safe.

InVision works with brands that have an ethical workflow from start to finish.

2. Act Locally
Feel even better about your new pair of glasses. Drop off your old frames at any InVision store – Galleria, Minnetonka, North Loop or Grand Ave. and we will gladly donate them to the Lions Club. In the Twin Cities, Lions Club volunteers distribute the recycled glasses to people in need in low and middle income communities.

Recognizing leadership in restoring and preserving sight.

3. Sustainable Quality
FEB31st eyewear is handcrafted from sustainably-harvested wood by optical artisans in Italy. Exclusive to InVision in the Twin Cities, FEB31st frames are completely customizable.

Rather than storing excess inventory and materials, FEB31st produces bespoke spectacles to the wearer’s specifications, including color palette and color blocking; the type of nosepiece and the length of the stems.

FEB31st, Marz